Sunday Strolling: La Dolce far Niente


My favorite day of the week is definitely Sunday. To me, it’s synonymous with perfecting the art of doing nothing, or everything but working.

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The Thing with Rules Is…


To me fashion is an art, and like many arts, people tend to place rules and regulations on them. Rules are interesting and I think they make sense in some cases. Writing for example needs grammatical rules set in place simply so that readers can understand what you’re saying.

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Skin Deep: Beauty

skin deep 2
Let me know if I’m alone on this but, I feel like we are getting closer and closer to living in a Barbie-like world? What I mean by that is that we are continuously surrounded by “unrealistic” expectations of how we should want to look and be. I admit, it gets a little difficult sometimes to avoid the pressure. Especially since delving more into social media but, I just think back to a few years ago.

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New Shirt: Who Dis?

If you ever asked me what my style was, I honestly don’t think I’d be able to describe it eloquently in one word. I think it’s always ever changing and varies depending on my mood but, one thing I try to stay true to is easy-to-wear pieces; after all warm weather will always have my heart. I love basic t-shirts with a little bit of something extra. Zara was having their huge summer sale a while back so of course I had to stop in. I think they do slightly spruced up basic items really well- which explains why I am posting about this white t-shirt today.

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Miami Things: Coffee Shops & Cafes


 Coffee tables
Let’s not act like this title is a surprise. Coffee is my life and I’m not afraid to admit it, as I currently sip on an almond latte. For me it’s more than just the added benefits of extra energy; I love the taste of it along with the artistry that goes into each cup.  Over the years, coffee culture has grown into this enormous powerhouse where cafes are really honing in on customer experience over just speed.
For me what usually makes a good coffee shop is a delicious cup. What makes a great coffee shop is the atmosphere and people.
So, here are some worth checking out in Miami as well as what to expect.

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Miami Things: Let’s Go to The PAMM!


I’ve always loved museums. While living in Boston, they served as my little haven and a nice distraction from impeding work, unpleasant weather (quite often) or writer’s block. Museums filled my mind with inspiration and connection to something outside of my own life. It’s so easy to get stuck inside of your head about things you should be doing.

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