Summer Days and Keeping Inspired



There are only two seasons in Miami; hot and hotter. And as the weather gradually get’s warmer, I know that summer is quickly approaching. Summer in Miami is… kind of strange. The people that aren’t from here think that it’s a dream, while the locals know that it’s the time of year where there’s constant rain, unbearable humidity and strategically limiting outside ventures unless it’s a trip to the beach. As the days quickly approach, I sometimes think of the past in New Englad when my summers were unfortunately short and the sun rarely peaked from behind the clouds, and so I’m grateful to be back in the M.I.A. Though, my mind often daydreams about vacationing in more temperate climates.  Miami and I have always had a love-hate relationship, mostly love this time around.


With that being said, I’ve been taking quite a few breaks in all aspects of blogging and creating content for social media to just regroup, recharge, truly feel things and to give myself time to feel inspired. Sometimes, this can all get to be a little much. While you get to translate things from your mind to some form of outlet, the downside of being such a type of creative is struggling to remind yourself to live in the moment i.e putting your phone or camera away. Although, I think I do a good job of balancing I sometimes guilt myself into missing good shots or not creating enough. But, whenever I feel overwhelmed I remind myself of why I’m doing what I do. Which, is simply just to express myself.

I remember when I first came across a fashion blog about 7 years ago. I used to stalk Aimee Song’s and Chiara Ferragni’s latest outfits and just dream of being able to dress like them. These girls amazed me, and still do. But, while endlessly scrolling through their archived posts through the years I couldn’t help but think about wanting to create a place with my personal style amongst other things. A place to share prose, artwork, cool places to eat in Miami maybe, museums, just general things I found interesting. I have to admit I was apprehensive at first because I was that girl who would go days without seeing her phone and preferred burrowing in her room either reading, drawing, trying to write a play (none of them every any good), or spending hours anonymously reposting inspiring photos on Tumblr while only leaving my bed for bathroom breaks or food. Overall, I am glad I started and continue to aim to create authentic content and hopefully, I can continue to make myself proud and help others along the way.

To self:

 Enjoy the journey and take some time to reflect. 

Thanks guys,



3 thoughts on “Summer Days and Keeping Inspired

  1. Ohhhh how I can relate to what I call the hermit life of a creative. Sometimes it’s because I’m so inspired so I stay in to work. Sometimes I don’t want to get inspired by outside influences, so I stay in to work. And sometimes I’m just so tired.
    But enjoying the journey is what’s important.
    Love love love this post and the outfit is gorgeous!

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