Growing With a Little Perspective


I’m proud to say I’m growing and it took a little perspective for me to see just how much. You see the thing with growth is that it’s easy to miss. I believe we often measure our personal success and growth through comparison to other people. Although a little dose of that can be good to further our motivation, there’s a fine line between motivation and envy.

It’s still insane and absolutely amazing that we now live in a world where there are often 25-year-old CEO’s, mobile apps that have changed our lives and blogging being viewed as a profession. Although I’m far away from achieving any of that, I can say that I am proud of the progress I have made thus far; both internal and external.

When I moved back to Miami, FL over a year-and-a-half ago, I really didn’t want to return. I loved living in Boston, mainly because of the independence it came with but, the city continued to chip away at me causing stress, depression and a complete loss-of-self.  When you’re in your 20’s and you get that first sense of independence, it’s so difficult to willingly let it go. Returning to your parents is a last resort and failure is just not an option. You’d rather work towards conquering the unknown than return to the familiar. But, do you really win anything if you’ve come out of it completely broken? I didn’t want to move back but, I knew I had to: so, I did.

I saw this quote the other day which made so much sense, “you can’t expect to flourish if you don’t nourish yourself.” In other words, a reboot. Sometimes you need that and that’s completely okay.

My hometown of Miami serves as a transient haven that allows me to nourish. Apart from my friends and family being here- there’s truly nothing better than the sun rays glimmering across your face in the morning. Yeah, we don’t really have seasons but, after dealing with a few distasteful winters, I’ll take summer weather over minus 20º any day. It’s actually quite beautiful how much the city has changed in the last five years. There’s so much more to offer to pertain to art, culture, tech, and fashion. I’m gracious to be able to witness my city transform into somewhere I’ve always wanted it to be. We aren’t necessarily the front runners but, we continue to strive. There are currently spaces for entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups and creatives to thrive. New restaurants and cafes, micro-breweries, art events, etc. It’s definitely a good time to be a Creative in Miami.

As for me, with a little reflection, I can honestly say I have come so far from where I initially started nearly 2 years ago. Although you may not be able to see it on the outside, that’s okay. I  can sleep through the night for one but, most importantly I wake up and I feel less anxious. I quite often think about the things and people that I love, I am in the mindset to pursue those things and most importantly; I continue to try amidst the obstacles in my way. It seems quite simple yet, I am so thankful.

I just want to say that, if you ever feel completely broken please continue to try. Maybe you can’t muster the strength today, that’s fine, as long as you try tomorrow. Continue striving to be the person that you want to be even if you need to take baby steps. Those steps will eventually turn into strides. I promise you, it will get better and every once in a while, remember to take a moment to reflect.

Where did you start? Where are you currently at? Where are you headed?


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