Packing Light for Fall Weather



I recently returned from a 5-day trip to Boston which was amazing, to say the least. I used to live there so I feel so fortunate to have spent time with some of my favorite people, drink delicious coffee on repeat and explore my old stomping grounds in the fall. Ahh, I can hear the leaves crunching underneath my feet. So, I was particularly proud of myself for this trip because I managed to pack light! Well, light by J standards (i.e. a carry-on luggage and a weekender bag).

Dressing for New England weather in the fall is challenging because it’s so unpredictable. I mean, you can literally see all 4 seasons within the span of 4 days. But, what’s more challenging is packing light for the unpredictable weather. I managed to make it on 3 pairs of shoes and in addition to my clothing was able to carry knee-high boots, two bulky scares and a towel (just sayin’)! So, if you’re someone who has no clue on what to bring for your next fall trip, here are some tips to stay warm and pack light.



Keep your color palette as simple as possible with neutrals like grey, black, white and taupe. This is perfect for mixing-and-matching, especially when you decide to switch things up last minute because: #mood. Pack one or two pops of color, for example I packed this matching set, to be able to throw in a wild-card here and there.


So wearing black, white and grey from head-to-toe may be good for one day but, you might feel like switching things up the next. That’s why I advise saving pops of color for accessories like handbags, jewelry and shades. For example, I packed yellow tinted shades to add a little character to any outfit and a powder blue bucket bag for an extra pop of color.


I know it seems kind of blasé but, I think turtlenecks are cool hidden gems quite often overlooked, understandably. You can style them casually or dress them up, they are great secret layering* pieces and essentially have a built in scarf! There’s nothing worse than walking around a new city in the end of November with an exposed neck! Eek, I’m just shivering from the flashbacks. I love pairing turtlenecks under blazers or leather jackets for a sophisticated vibe.


Secret layers for me are LIFE specifically, fleece leggings under tights. I’m someone who loves expressing themselves through personal style so options are imperative to my mood and just because it’s cold doesn’t mean skirts or shorts are out of the picture. It’s all about layering correctly and not necessarily looking like you’re wearing 8 layers when you actually are (circa 2010 Justin). So, for this tip I use fleece-lined leggings as my foundation and layer over them with matching knit tights. This allows me extra warmth when rocking pleather shorts in 40º.

Anyone going anywhere cool this Fall? Have any tips for keeping warm?




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