Making Pieces Work for You: Dreamy 90s


It’s safe to say that I love fashion, which is why I started a blog about it. I like to say it’s in my blood as my mom used to style Miss Jamaica pageant contestants while pregnant with me. I think it’s important to remind yourself you have to make clothes work for you and not the other way around.

What I mean by that is wearing things you’re comfortable with that you feel compliment your body and your bank account rather than jumping on trends to feel “in.” But, I digress, it all depends on priorities, right?



So, let’s say you do go for some trendy pieces because honestly, some are just too good to pass up. You feel like you really do connect with the 70s because everyone has always called you a wild child? Or maybe you saw retro photos of your mom in the 90s styled in the coolest platform sneakers and spaghetti-strap top and you wanted to emulate that. For me it’s dainty tops and chokers from the 90s and here’s how I made them work for me.

  1. Quintessential 90s Top with Support
    • The 90s are known for spaghetti-strap tops and I always sadly avoided them because they never gave me enough support plus, I loathe wearing strapless bras. I was lucky enough to snag this satin top from Urban Outfitters. For girls like me, this top is a treasure. The straps add a dainty feel but, the hidden zipper on the side is the true hero as it helps to hold everything in place. The extra layer of fabric not adds visual appeal by flowing with the wind but, also acts as a shield for helping me out if I were to enter a cold room, ya feels?
  2. Customized Raw-Hem High-Waist Jeans
    • Raw-hemmed jeans have been having a moment and whether or not they are here to stay, I will still be rocking them come next season. I like them because they are a nice contrast from the usual denim silhouette and they always add a chill feel to any outfit. So, I went on the hunt for trendy items in Zara (as you do) but, was truly disappointed in their selection and prices. I’m pretty curvy so I like denim with a bit of stretch and paying $60 for ill-fitting jeans didn’t sound favorable to me so, I decided to do it myself by thrifting and customizing a pair. Although, I was looking for Levi’s I kept my mind open and came across this pair made for petite women (I’m 5’8 btw) that fit perfectly with a good amount of stretch all for $5 at GoodWill. Then, I created the uneven & raw hem with scissors, a box-cutter, and Youtube tutorials.
  3. Mules in your Budget
    • Mules, Mules, Mules. How did we get here again? As you guys already know, I love this style of shoe. Once I got my foot into a pair of these, I knew I had to have more. My first pair were more playful so, naturally I wanted to snag a pair that were more classic and timeless which I found in these all-black patent leather-look ones. Now, even though I wasn’t actively looking for these that day, they were always in the back of my mind and when I saw them and the fact that they were only $16.99, I didn’t hesitate to grab them while perusing through the shoe section of TJ Maxx (any Maxxinistas out there?). These are perfect for making any outfit have an element of class.
  4. Layering Accessories 
    • I truly like for my outfits to make a statement therefore I try not to over-accessorize but, I love layering accessories and making them your own. The minute I tried on this top, I knew I’d love to pair it with a body chain and choker because it adds a little extra to the otherwise two-item outfit. I wanted peeks of the chain to show but, leave concentration on the blouse which is why I wore the chain underneath. I kept things in the same jewelry family with gold mismatched earrings so my outfit still makes an all-blue statement complemented by gold jeweled tones.

For anymore tips, whether it’s a question or something you’d like to share, please leave them below. I’d love to hear them!

Until next time guys.





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