Mules, Slides, Slip-on’s: For Skeptics




Surprise, surprise. Ever since I slipped my feet into these pair of mules it’s been quite difficult to take them off. Even the rainy weather ceases to scare my heels simply because this style of shoe is a no-brainer. If you follow me on Instagram, then I’m sure you’ve already seen me posing around Miami in these beauties from Nordstrom Rack. For anyone who is a bit skeptical about embracing the trend, here are a few of my favorites and why I like them just in case you haven’t spotted any that suit your style just yet.

1. Definitely a statement piece with a more casual vibe due to the denim. (here)
2. I am a sucker for metallics. I love these because they are simple and timeless with a bold statement. (here)
3. For me, these are a good starter-mule with a little pop of color. It’s essentially a loafer sans back, so if you’re already wearing loafers you might as well make the switch. (here only $55!)
4. I picture myself wearing these with a silk robe, sitting by a fire place with a good book in-hand during the colder months. These are the epitome of swaggy -grandpa shoes that you’ve always wanted but didn’t quite know where to get. Oh! and they’re velvet. (here)
5. WEDGED. SNEAKER. SLIP-ONS. Need I say more? Beautiful in both colors. These would go well with pretty much any outfit as long as you’re okay with a little 90s edge. (here)
6. Obsessed with the color, velvety look and heel height, once more. (here $50)
7. Pretty much: Classic. Timeless. Chic. Easy. (here $48 !)
8. Absolutely beautiful. Trendy and a little obnoxious in the best way possible. I’m thinking cropped- palazzo pants and bodysuit with these. (here)
9. Obsessed with the pony-haired detailing, two-tones, and pointed toe. (here $50)



4 thoughts on “Mules, Slides, Slip-on’s: For Skeptics

  1. Oh, this style of shoes is perfect for me. As a working mom I need to get from A to B in style in a snap. I’ve got myself two pair of these to slide into summer. Like very much your selection. I’m crushing for #9.

    1. They are so easy to wear, right? I love them and I’m glad they work for you! You can dress them up or down, they pretty much work with any outfit which I really like. #9 is so great! I want to get my hands a pair of platform sneaker ones.

      1. You are absolutely right. The slides are practical and they make your all outfit look polished. I Like the platform sneakers too. I’ve got myself a pair and don’t want to take them off.

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