Miami Things: Let’s Go to The PAMM!


I’ve always loved museums. While living in Boston, they served as my little haven and a nice distraction from impeding work, unpleasant weather (quite often) or writer’s block. Museums filled my mind with inspiration and connection to something outside of my own life. It’s so easy to get stuck inside of your head about things you should be doing.

If you’re ever in Miami you should DEFINITELY  visit the Perez Art Museum (PAMM), our Modern and Contemporary art museum. I’m just so glad we’ve all graduated, as a city, from Britto and Art Deco (no offense), as our claims to the artistic world. The PAMM is beautiful and truly breathtaking from the well-thought-out architecture to the minimalist aesthetic. If the art doesn’t get you- the views, inside and out, definitely will.

All of these are by the artist, Julio Le Parc, and deal with light, movement and perception.

Wills_of_J_Light_InstallationIMG_6697Version 2PAMM 6

*Although not pictured, my favorite exhibit was actually a short film called Kwassa Kwassa by SUPERFLEX. I’m a sucker for great cinematography. 

You can walk right out back and relax on the swings. Ultimate lazy girl style. Then, catch the sunset right over the Port, complete with yacht and cruise ship views. Man, I’m so lucky to always have this city in my heart.




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